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The transmission repair diagnostic specialists at Auto Service Experts can often pinpoint the source of your transmission problem without having to completely remove and disassemble it. Our state of the art computer diagnostic systems allow us to locate damaged sensors and identify internal issues that affect your transmission functioning. Our 21 point, multi-level Transmission Inspection Service is designed to accurately diagnose your car or truck's transmission problem. We ensure that only the necessary parts are replaced, and your transmission is properly repaired or rebuilt to factory standards the first time. Our internal, external, and computer diagnostics allow us to catch minor transmission problems before they cause further damage to your automobile, saving you time and money!


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In-Depth Diagnostic

Transmission diagnostics involve an intricate understanding not only of how the mechanical components operate, but also how they are tied in with the computer and electrical systems which control them. By scanning the Transmission Control Module for trouble codes, we can get a good idea of where to look for the problem. However, computers and scanners do not repair transmissions, technicians do! Trouble codes narrow down the area in which you can expect to find the source of your vehicle's transmission problem but do not tell you what exactly is causing the malfunction.


Once a mechanic knows where to look, it still takes a great deal of expertise to properly diagnose and repair a transmission. Picture a house with 100 rooms in it. A diagnostic scanner can tell you which room to look in for a problem and in this room, you have several components. It does not tell you which component in that room is malfunctioning, or whether it is due to auto electrical issues such as improper wiring or auto mechanical problems such as a damaged part.


Transmission problems can have many different causes and may involve one or more other automotive systems. Because modern transmissions are controlled by a computer which also controls several other systems, a problem in another area such as the engine or cooling system can cause them to function improperly. While it is fairly straightforward to determine that the system is not operating properly, it requires deeper investigation to determine why.


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Our electrical and automotive diagnostic expertise allows us to pinpoint the source of your transmission problem while avoiding any unnecessary repairs. Relying solely on trouble codes to diagnose a vehicle without further investigation will often end up in replacing unnecessary parts, and many times not even correct the original issue.


For example, when the transmission is not shifting on a Chrysler product, a diagnostic scanner will display a code p0700 which tells you only that you have a fault in the transmission. Many times, failure to shift happens because the output speed sensor fails to communicate to the transmission which gear to be in, causing it to go into fail safe mode. This costs around $120 fix, and does not require a complete transmission rebuild or overhaul! 


If there is a simple fix or minor repair which can solve the problem, we will find it and will not sell you a new transmission or any parts or services that you don’t truly need. Our business and reputation are built on honesty, integrity, and complete customer satisfaction.


Discuss your options with an ASE certified transmission repair technician:

After diagnosing your vehicle, we will provide you with a full report. In the event that your vehicle requires transmission repair, we are here to help you make the best decision for your car or truck. Our ASE certified specialists will discuss with you the benefits of transmission rebuilding and transmission repair, and which solution is most appropriate for your vehicle. We are always happy to talk with you about any questions or concerns you may have regarding your vehicle. We take the time to fully explain the condition of your car's transmission, as well as the necessary repairs or recommended transmission service in a way you don't have to be an expert to understand.


Auto Service Experts Transmission Specialists in San Antonio backs transmission rebuilds and repairs with the best warranty available in the industry!


Benefits of Expert Diagnostics

This video discusses what is involved in car diagnostics, and why it is important to have your transmission problem diagnosed by an expert technician. It also explains how a partial or misdiagnosis can lead to replacing parts unnecessarily and costing you much more! Professional auto shops invest a great deal in hi-tech diagnostic tools and training. However, even the best tools only lead a mechanic in the right direction. It still takes a high level of mechanical skill, a thorough understanding of the theory of operation, and a lot of investigation to determine the exact reason a transmission is not working properly.

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