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Our Ford transmission repair technicians are ASE certified and have over 20 years of experience repairing, diagnosing, & servicing Ford trucks, cars, & SUVs. We have the specialized knowledge and equipment required to accurately diagnose and repair your specific Ford transmission problem to factory standards, and we can usually complete the work for around half what the Ford Dealership charges. We use only high quality and OEM parts and offer a Complete 3 Year/ 36,000 Mile Warranty on parts and labor.


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Our Certified Mechanics Rebuilding a Ford Truck Transmission


Auto Service Experts certified technicians provide every type of automotive repair and service to maintain your Ford truck, SUV, or car.

Over the years, Ford has designed many different transmissions to fit the specific needs of different cars, trucks, and drivers. Each model has a different operating design, as well as specific capabilities, restrictions, strengths, and weaknesses. 


Ford PowerShift 6-Speed Automatic Transmission

 Dual Clutch Technology

Ford automotive engineers designed the Ford PowerShift 6-speed transmission to provide the excellent fuel efficiency one would expect from a manual transmission while offering the convenience and simple operation of an automatic transmission. They were able to achieve this effect by implementing a dual clutch technology which provides steady and consistent torque to the wheels. The dual clutch technology includes two parallel manual transmissions, both of which operate their own independent clutch (one holding uneven gears and the other holding the even gears). 


Dry Clutch and Sealed Transmission Technology

The Ford PowerShift also differs from typical automatic transmissions by utilizing dry clutch technology usually found in standard transmissions. The PowerShift eliminates the need for the oil pump, hydraulic fluids, torque converter, planetary gears, and cooling lines. This design allows for a more compact, lightweight unit, and contains fewer components to maintain, repair, or replace. The PowerShift is also sealed, meaning it does not need any regular maintenance.


Torque Hole Filling Innovation

To create a smoother shift, Ford patented the Torque Hole Filling technology. Torque Hole Filling combines mathematical algorithms with computer sensors and applications to minimize the temporary drop in torque which the driver feels while upshifting. This contributes to an overall smoother ride.


Ford Transmission Designs in the Making

With the PowerShift Six-Speed Automatic, Ford engineers succeeded in developing their most lightweight, fuel efficient, durable, and simple to maintain automatic transmission yet. Research and development continue, as Ford is currently working on a new 10-speed AT design with GM. They have also recently filed for a patent for the newest Ford transmission innovation- an 11-speed AT. 


 Auto Service Experts Repairing Ford Transmission


Ford Truck Transmission Problems

Regardless of the cause or nature of your transmission problem, the ASE Master Techs at our state of the art transmission shop in San Antonio, TX can provide you with a quick and accurate diagnosis. Low transmission fluid can lead to difficulty in shifting gears. This may be caused by a fluid leak or may be the result of deterioration over prolonged use. Monitor your fluid regularly, and have your Ford Transmission Serviced at Auto Service Experts of San Antonio according to the manufacturer recommended schedule.


Over time, especially with strenuous use, it can become extremely difficult to shift gears. If this is not caused by low fluid, it may be necessary to have a Ford transmission replaced or overhauled.


Most transmissions today are computer controlled therefore faulty computers, short-circuits, or electrical problems can also cause them to perform poorly or prevent them from operating at all.


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