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At Auto Service Experts San Antonio auto repair shop, we take a great deal of pride in our work. We strive to provide the absolute highest level of customer service, accurate auto diagnostics, and fast, complete auto repairs. Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our customers based on confidence in our automotive skill and trust in the way we do business.


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5 / 5 stars - Google Review by LT Alsworth, written on October 14, 2016

"After seeing a KENS5 News story about Auto Service Experts and Owner Carlos Rodriguez's true passion for his customers, I started using their shop for my car care needs but on this last visit is when it shined though. My Suburban had been randomly turning the interior options on and off like the radio and A/C amongst other things I brought it in for Carlos and Crew to look at it. Carlos told me that the Body Control Module might have a glitch and he cleared the codes but they never returned and this happens from time to time with GM Trucks. Then what felt like an intermittent miss arose I took it back in for analysis . He explained that because of the previous symptoms the diagnosis could be lengthy. I agreed to leave it with him so he could sort it out. He went through the multitude of Trouble Codes which again indicated the need for a Body Control Module. After 4 road tests and clearing the codes after each one he noted on the last one the Torque Converter in the transmission tried to lock up while stopped at a traffic light and after this road test a code for the Transmission Pressure Sensor came on. He called me to explain all of this in detail in a non car technical way that I could understand. He explained that while all this could be the Body Control Module he felt that the Transmission Pressure Sensor was full of metal and loosing communication with the Transmission Control Module and this module was causing the Body Control Module to trip random codes and symptoms. He suggested that the transmission pan be pulled to inspect for debris. I agreed and after this was done aluminum shavings from the torque converter found to be littering the fluid and the bottom of the pan. With this finding the transmission needed to be replaced. Carlos then explained that because I travel out of town several times a month that I may want to replace the unit with a New Factory Transmission so in case something happens while out of town it could be warrantied by any GM Dealer. I explained that from our past experiences I trusted his work and as far as I'm concerned his warranty is as good as a factory backed one and had him rebuild the transmission. While our Family was down to 1 car I have been getting up at 4AM to drive my Girlfriend to work then coming home to wake and prepare the boys for school. Carlos called yesterday to say the truck would be ready today. I explained that I had to go to Austin on business today and asked if I should continue on the new routine or could I let my girlfriend have the car for the day. He said I would have it first thing in the morning. I got a knock at the front door this morning and Carlos said "your chariot awaits" I was shocked. I took him back to his shop then proceeded to drive the truck 180 miles to Austin around Austin and back to San Antonio. If it was the Body Control Module it would have reared it's nasty head within this trip and did not. If we had replaced it and I went on this trip I would have been stranded I was not. Thank you Carlos for your dedication to your Profession and Excellent Customer Service. I am glad I was home that evening when I saw the story about you and thank you for taking you time to make a complete and correct diagnosis. You named your company appropriately you guys are Auto Service EXPERTS!"


5 / 5 stars Review by A Google user, written on March 17, 2012

"US SOLDIERS THIIS IS THE ONE YOU WANT. THEY HAVE HEART.i wrote a really bad review after i had an issue with this place. originally i had taken my car in to have the rear brakes looked at. i was told after a diagnosis that the rear bearings needed to be replaced and it was going to cost 427 bucks. i was charged a 30 dollar fee to have it looked at. i then took it down the street to a competitor and he told me that it was the front not the back and that there was nothing wrong with the bearings. i felt that auto service experts were trying to rip me off for service that i didnt need. i called the shift manager Lena and told her how dipleased i was. after the conversation she called me back and told me that my issue really bothered her and to bring my car back in so that we could resolve it. Will the technician took me on a test drive and then put the vehicle back on the rack to try and rediagnose. while doing this the head manager Carlos called me and told me that they would replace the front brakes and rotors for FREE to see if that was the problem. he also completly apologized for the issue and assured me that the problem would be taken care of. after replacing the fronts they did another test drive and still had the issue but now noticeably from the rear. Carlos called me again after speaking to the technician and said that they would replace the rear rotors and warranty out the pads at no cost to me( JUST TO PROVE THEIR ORIGINAL DIAGNOSIS!) This place is going far out of their way just to take care of one customer! i have to say that i was wrong about this place and that it is a good feeling to know that there is a repair shop out there that really does care. thank you for everything Lena, Carlos, and Will."


5 / 5 stars - Google Review by Adam Dockery, written on August 15, 2016

"I would recommend this place to anyone that needs any kind of maintenance on their vehicle. I brought in my Audi A4 with multiple engine and air conditioning issues and they did an incredible job at a great, fair price. Dropped it off and picked it up a few hours later. Everyone there is knowledgable and very nice!"


5 / 5 stars - "Quick Transmission Repair" Facebook Review by Ray Colunga, written on Dec 28, 2015

"Excellent service. They gave me a diagnosis and a reasonable price quote. They even provided me with a courtesy ride. They repaired the transmission on my vehicle very quickly and it is running great. Thank you guys........ I highly recommend Auto Service Experts."


5 / 5 stars - Google Review by Brandon Cardona, written on Dec 06, 2015

"To be honest this shop really cares for its customers. I took in my mustang with so much wrong with it and thought I'd never get my car running again Carlos went above and beyond to fix all the issues but let me explain how awesome this place is. I went to pick up my car 30 min after closing time they stayed open just for me but that's not all. So, I get in my car and crank it up and that's when things went wrong my car started idling very high and gas was leaking! So I'm thinking wow my car is hopeless they put in so much time into it and it still won't run right. At this point I had already made my payment and Carlos and Lena (the receptionist) were closing up, I thought hope was lost. Carlos(the owner/mechanic) came to me and immediately told me to pop my hood and fixed the issue right there making trips back and forth from where my car was parked into the shop just to solve my issues and a few minor adjustments and my car was purring like it used to. Carlos and Lena stayed until about 7 a whole hour after closing if that's not loyalty to your customers i don't know what is thank you Auto Service Experts I couldn't be happier with my service! Highly recommend!"


5 / 5 stars - Facebook Review by Jake H., written on May 14, 2013

"Long story short. These guys are awesome! I was ready to pay big bucks on what I had diagnosed myself, only to find out it was a cheaper simple fix. TWICE! Very difficult to find mechanics with integrity these days. But these guys have it, with fair prices & courteous service too!!! A thumbs up from me!"


5 / 5 stars - Yelp Review by William L., written on June 11, 2016

"San Antonio was my starting point for a 3 month motorhome (full of reservations) trip to Alaska. I had a relatively minor accident involving my Ford Fiesta but the damage involved the engine, body and my installed towing equipment. Having never had an accident before I was pretty clueless. ASE was extremely helpful from the start - arranging towing and explaining how the process worked with my insurance - Lena was the best and definitely gave "fast and friendly service." I was told straight away that AES did not offer body work but Carlos told me he had a place he works for and could have everything done within a week and a half - When I explained my circumstances he committed to having my tow vehicle ready in a week - essentially 5 working days - I was doubtful but he assured me. I did have to change travel plans and cancel some reservations but only for my first 4 stops - and would be able to get back on track and in Nevada by the 14th. ALL work was done, including re-installing my attached tow equipment. I realize its a long-winded post but I can't say enough about the caring and apparent quality as well as the "going above and beyond" so so few companies are willing to do. Thanks Lena and Carlos!"


5 / 5 stars - Yelp Review by Brandy B., written on January 18, 2016

"Auto Service Experts on San Pedro is the absolute best auto shop I have ever been to. Carlos, the owner gives fantastic customer service; he even text my husband a couple weeks after our repair to see how the vehicle was running. This is now "our mechanic". The Ford dealership in San Antonio has terrible service and overcharges for everything so we are so thankful we found Auto Service Experts. They do great work at very reasonable prices. I guarantee that if you need auto service, you will not be disappointed by Auto Service Experts."


5 / 5 stars - Yelp Review by Mary T., written on February 23, 2012

"If you need work done on your transmission this is the place to go. The owner of the shop is very nice, honest, knowledgeable and patient. He will go over the details of your cars problems. He will explain and show you what the problems are and what it will take to fix it. The people that work there are extremely extremely knowledgeable. They also work pretty fast. When I drove my car out of there it was like new. If you have any problems with your transmission I highly recommend taking it to Auto Service Experts on Bitters Rd"


5 / 5 stars - Yelp Review by William M., written on June 1, 2011

"Repeat customer :) I am very happy with their work. They do not sell you anything you do not need. I have been a customer of these guys for years."


5 / 5 stars - Google Review by Ulysses alridge, written on May 25, 2016

"ABSOLUTELY THE BEST IN SanAntonio!! Family owned!! Family respected!! Knowledge. Quick. Efficient. Very personable. Helpful not just out for money but to get you back riding like you want. Not pushy. Thanks again..." 


5 / 5 stars - Facebook Review by Bryan Baker, written on May 26, 2016

"The only reason I give them 5 stars is that there are not 6!! Seriously, the shop, the employees, and Carlos... all of them are a class act, highly intelligent and "bend-over-backwards" helpful at every turn! Could not be happier with them and their work. Came in from out of town and took two cars there for my mom. Fast turnaround and an unbelievably fare price on both. Even did more than promised on one of them, and the total was 10 bucks less than quoted. Unbelievable!! A true class act is Carlos and his shop. No one in SA should go anywhere else. This shop and it's employees should be an example to all auto shops on how to do it right! Way to go Carlos, don't change a thing... you're a true gentleman and you should be proud, and I am eternally grateful for your help. You have two new customers for life!!"


5 / 5 stars - Facebook Review by Paul Range, written on May 09, 2016

"Carlos fixed the overheating problem on my 79 Chev truck in a couple hours for much less than I thought. I am very satisfied with the work done. Thanks."


5 / 5 stars - Facebook Review by Melody Siefken, written on April 05, 2016

"Lena was great in helping me figure out what I need done to my poor Mazda. A clutch system replacement and out of the 6 places I called, they offered same day repair and the lowest price. Additionally, when you're left without a car, they give a ride back to where you need to go. I can't speak more highly about Auto Service Experts and they've got a customer for life!"


5 / 5 stars - Facebook Review by Pete Parra, written on March 30, 2016

"Carlos and staff did an amazing job on a transmission for my C63 amg. Highly recommend them to anyone who doubts their capabilities. Thanks guys!"


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