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Clutches are designed to last, but like all things, they wear out with regular use. The way you use and maintain your clutch affects how quickly it wears out. If you drive a vehicle with a standard or manual transmission, clutch replacement is a part of automotive maintenance. However, keeping up with fluid changes and following recommended service schedules can greatly increase the amount of time before your car or truck requires a clutch replacement.


Clutch Repair on Standard Transmission in San Antonio TX

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The manual transmission specialists at Auto Service Experts have the training, experience, equipment, and skill required to handle all of your clutch maintenance needs. We are experts in automotive diagnostics and offer premier repair services at competitive prices. Our full-service auto repair shop has an ASE Master Technician on duty at all times who can quickly and accurately diagnose your manual transmission clutch problem, and will happily answer any questions you have regarding service recommendations or repair options. Our garage is equipped with the most advanced equipment available, and we use only high quality and OEM parts. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service, and to ensuring your satisfaction. We offer free diagnostics with repairs and the best clutch repair warranty around.


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New Clutch Replacement to Repair Manual Transmission Shifting Problems


Clutch Fluid Change

Clutch fluid provides lubrication and protection for internal moving components and helps to cool the system and maintain the proper operating temperature. It is formulated with specialized detergents and additives designed to prevent corrosion. The detergents and additives in the fluid eventually wear out and no longer adequately clean and protect the system. Worn fluid also becomes contaminated with dirt and shavings of clutch pack material which break off and get trapped within fluid passageways. Contaminated fluid does not provide sufficient lubrication for moving components. Without proper lubrication, these components wear against one another creating excess friction. This causes the clutch to run hot which decreases its performance and lifetime. Having a clutch fluid replacement at manufacturer recommended intervals helps the system to last longer and perform better, and also helps to prevent damage or clutch failure. Proper maintenance can save you from more costly repairs or having to have your clutch replaced.

Clutch Fluid Change

Proper maintenance including periodically having fluid drained & replaced helps you to get the most out of your clutch. If you have questions about the recommended service schedule for your particular vehicle, give us a call and speak with one of our friendly & professional mechanics.

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