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Transmission problems can have many different causes and may involve one or more other automotive systems. Because modern transmissions are controlled by a computer which also controls several other systems, a problem in another area such as your engine or cooling system can cause a malfunction. While it is fairly straightforward to determine that a car's transmission is not functioning properly, it takes an in-depth investigation to determine why. The transmission repair & rebuild specialists at Auto Service Experts quickly and accurately diagnose all transmission problems. Whether you have a simple fluid leak, or a complex electrical issue causing transmission control module problems, we have got you covered.


Transmission Problem Indicators:

Leaking transmission fluid
Check Engine Light turns on
Transmission slipping
Transmission grinds or shakes
Out of the ordinary "clunking", "humming" or "grinding" noises
Transmission pops out of gear/ will not go into gear
Clutch dragging – Clutch remains engaged while shifting and causes “grinding” noises
Transmission fails to engage or delays engagement
Rough shifting or jerky transitions between gear changes
Unusually high RPMs during gear changes, or a delay between the changing of gears
Vehicle jerks during acceleration
Vehicle starts but does not drive
Transmission fluid has a burnt odor
Transmission makes a lot of noise in neutral
Transmission jumps back into neutral


If you notice these or any other signs of transmission problems, schedule an appointment for a FREE Transmission Repair Diagnostic at Auto Service Experts Transmission Repair Shop of San Antonio as soon as possible.


Catching a problem early on can prevent it from causing further damage to your vehicle. Our transmission diagnostic specialists will quickly determine the exact cause of the problem and give you a clear, accurate description of the condition of your vehicle's transmission, the necessary repairs, and the estimated transmission repair cost.


Transmission Maintenance Tips:

  •  Have your car’s transmission fluid changed according to the manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule, or when it becomes discolored or contaminated. *Transmission fluid should be clear and red in color.
  •  Use the proper, manufacturer recommended transmission fluid.
  •  Check your driveway for transmission fluid leaks.
  •  Maintain your transmission fluid at the correct level, never overfill! *Some vehicles do not have a transmission dipstick and require a  mechanic to check the fluid level. If you suspect your fluid may be low and are unable to check it yourself, Auto Service Experts will perform a FREE transmission fluid check on your vehicle.
  •  Always put pressure on the brake while shifting between park and drive, or reverse.
  •  Never shift to park or reverse while the car is still in forward motion, wait for a complete stop. 
  •  Do not tow your vehicle with the drive wheels on the road.
  •  Bring your car or truck to Auto Service Experts for a transmission check immediately if you notice any of these issues. 
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