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Rebuilt transmission on Mazda 3

We back our automatic transmission rebuilds with our 3 Year/ 36,000 Mile Warranty- the best in the industry!

Automatic transmission service helps the system last longer and provide peak performance. Lack of proper maintenance is the leading cause of automatic transmission failure. If it does fail, a complete rebuild can restore your transmission to like-new performance. However, a rebuild/overhaul can be a major investment. It is important to trust your vehicle to a high quality, professional shop. The quality of parts, warranty coverage, and skill of the technician should be taken into consideration when choosing a shop. Auto Service Experts transmission shop employs ASE certified Master Technicians and uses only high quality & OEM parts.


Benefits of Automatic Transmission Service

Automatic transmissions (AT) are hydraulic systems. This means that the force of transmission fluid is used to power the shifting of gears. Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) serves several important functions. ATF cools the system and prevents the component from overheating. It cleans the system and prevents contaminant buildup from inhibiting operation. ATF also functions as a lubricant which is important in protection from excess friction and wear & tear on internal components. In AT systems the transmission fluid and filter are located within an oil pan. Because automatic transmission operation relies so heavily on fluid, it is important to maintain it. Always use the correct fluid for your vehicle, and periodically check the fluid level and condition. To prevent future problems, follow the manufacturer recommended transmission fluid change schedule.


Transmissions are meant to last a long time, but like all vehicle components, they eventually wear out. How well you maintain it, as well as your driving habits and conditions, affect transmission lifetime and performance. Over time, automatic transmission Fluid (ATF) becomes dirty or contaminated with debris. It can also deteriorate or leak out to a dangerously low level. These conditions can cause many problems such as transmission slipping, and even complete failure. Service includes draining and replacing the ATF and replacing the pan gasket and filter (if applicable). Our mechanics also check for any transmission leaks, and test drive your vehicle to ensure proper shifting.


The Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association states that roughly 90% of failures are due to transmission overheating easily avoided by replacing transmission fluid. 


Strenuous driving conditions cause excess heat and friction. This can lead to premature transmission failure. In this case, anything other than highway driving is considered strenuous, including:

Stop & go traffic
Hauling heavy loads
Extreme heat/cold
Air pollution
Steep inclines
Poorly maintained road surfaces

Under these conditions, the fluid wears out more quickly so your vehicle may require AT service at more frequent intervals.


 Chevy Automatic Transmission Repair

Chevrolet Automatic Transmission Rebuild by ASE Certified Technicians


Automatic Transmission Problems

Several signs indicate transmission problems, the sooner you notice these problem signs and have your car or truck inspected by a qualified mechanic, the less extreme the problems are likely to become. Pay attention to changes in performance including difficulty or delay in shifting gears, and transmission slipping. If "slipping", you will notice a lack of power while accelerating, and the RPMs will be much higher than usual. Listen for abnormal noises while shifting such as gear grinding, buzzing, or whining noises. Other signs include fluid leaking under your car and burnt smelling transmission fluid.


While keeping up with regular maintenance can keep your car or truck running smoothly and help to avoid unnecessary issues, it can not prevent all problems. If you notice any problem warning signs, bring your vehicle in for a 21-point inspection by our experts. Transmission checks are performed FREE of charges!


AT Diagnostics

Today's vehicles are controlled by extremely technical computer operating systems and have come a long way since the invention of the first Automatic Transmission in 1921. Throughout history, these automotive systems have become increasingly complex and require more and more expertise to repair. Often, problems occur when your auto computer system sends the wrong signals. Our advanced computer diagnostic system allows us to detect if it is an electronic component which is causing the system to malfunction or perform poorly.


Using a specialized scanner, we search all critical auto computer systems for trouble codes. This data is translated using Alldata (the most extensive technical computer diagnostic database on the market today) to determine the source of the problem. A Snap-On Solus is then connected to further pinpoint whether the source of the problem is internal, or external. Our expert technicians also inspect all solenoids, sensors, electrical components, and wiring.


This complete diagnostic scan system, along with our extensive experience and specialization, make Auto Service Experts San Antonio's transmission rebuild and repair authority. You can trust us to determine the exact cause of your shifting problem and recommend only the necessary and proper repairs for your vehicle. Competitors may tell you that your vehicle requires a full rebuild, while we often find that it is only in need of a specific, minor repair. If your car does require repairs or rebuilding, we will do the job quickly, correctly, and completely to factory standards. We guarantee our rebuilt transmissions to stand the test of time.

 Rebuilt Chevrolet GMC Alisson Transmission2

Chevrolet Truck Allison AT Rebuild


Multipoint Transmission Inspection Service

Test Drive Checks

Our specialists test drive each vehicle in order to gain firsthand knowledge of the problem you are experiencing, paying close attention to many specific areas including:


4 X 4 Performance
Differential and Transfer Case Fluids
Downshift Timing and Quality
Drive Ranges
Initial Engagements
Passing Gear
TCC Engagement
Transmission Fluid
Upshift Timing and Quality


Transmission Check Lift Inspections

Auto Service Experts Mechanic Rebuilding Transmission for Acura 3.2


Our ASE certified transmission mechanics use computer diagnostics to scan for trouble codes, then place your car on a lift and perform a thorough inspection of each component including:


CV Joints or U Joints
Engine Idle and Performance
Final Drive
Fluid Retention
Ground and Harness Connections
Pan Gasket
Shift Cable/Linkage
TV/Detent Cable/Linkage
Vacuum Connections

Through this extensive multi-point check, our technicians are able to correctly diagnose the problem and help you make the right repair decisions for your vehicle. We will not make a rebuild recommendation until we have pinpointed the exact source of the issue.


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Transmission Tips to Extend Performance & Life

Car Transmission removed for rebuilding at San Antonio Transmission Shop


Have transmission fluid changed according to manufacturer recommendations - usually every 15,000 miles, and at least once every year.



Check for transmission leaks regularly, & ensure that fluid remains at the proper level. Driving with low tranmission fluid can lead to internal damage and require major transmission repair!



Always bring the vehicle to a complete stop before shifting between reverse & drive.



When parking your vehicle on a hill or incline, use the emergency brake.



When it is cold out, be sure to allow your car to warm up before shifting into gear.

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