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Check Engine Light and Other Dashboard Warning Lights

Chances are, your vehicle is equipped with many different dashboard warning lights, each of which has a different meaning. These lights share a common purpose, though; to help ensure your safety and the lifetime performance of your car. They may alert you to dangerous problems which require immediate attention, warn you of minor malfunctions which should be checked out by a qualified mechanic at your earliest convenience, or simply remind you that one or more automotive systems are due for regular maintenance. Common warning indicators include the anti-lock braking system, car battery gauge, low engine oil, temperature gauge, brake system warning, gas gauge, and check engine lights. Learn what these different lights mean and whether they signal a problem which is dangerous and mean you should pull over immediately and have your car towed, or if you can safely drive to a professional auto repair shop near you to have your vehicle diagnosed and repaired.


Excellence in Automotive Repair and Customer Service

Auto Service Experts Car Repair Shop focuses on providing a level of customer service which sets us apart from the many auto shops in San Antonio. Our goal is to provide honest, reliable, friendly and fast service in order to create lasting relationships with each of our valued customers. We strive to create the most convenient and enjoyable customer experience possible by providing amenities such as complimentary rides to and from your destination, free diagnostics, 3 year 36,000 mile warranties which cover parts and labor, towing and rental services available, and a comfortable lounge area complete with WiFi, cable, snacks, and beverages. We are committed to excellence in all that we do from the experienced ASE certified mechanics we employ to the state of the art auto diagnostic equipment in our shop. Read the full article to find out what exactly sets Auto Service Experts apart from the rest!


What is ASE Mechanic Certification and Why Should I Choose a Blue Seal ASE Auto Repair Shop in My Area?

ASE stands for the National Institution for Automotive Service Excellence, which is a highly renowned education, training, and certification provider. ASE focuses on each of the major fields of auto repair, vehicle service, and automotive consulting and demands that mechanics meet strict qualifications before being eligible for testing and certification. To become a certified ASE technician in any of the many specializations offered, one must first have at least two years of on the job mechanic training in an automotive service center, or a 2 year degree in the field of auto repair with a year of experience working in a mechanic shop, and pass an extensive test covering that particular field of specialization. ASE is very selective in which shops they recommend with their Blue Seal of Excellence, and requires that mechanics complete ongoing educational classes and re-certify every 5 years to ensure they remain aware of rapidly changing technology.


How to Evaluate and Choose the Best Local Mechanic Shop for Your Vehicle?

With the high number of car repair shops in your area, it can be difficult to choose which to trust your vehicle to. There are several ways you can determine the quality of nearby auto shops such as: online reviews, community standing, BBB and chamber of commerce ratings, ASE certification & specializations, mechanic experience & education, quality of parts used & diagnostic equipment, conveniences offered, level of cleanliness & professionalism displayed within the facility, and recommendations from friends, family, & neighbors. This article covers exactly what to ask and what to look for when searching for the right auto repair shop for you.


Automotive Engine Repair / Replacement and Motor Rebuild Options

In the case that your car or truck is in need of major engine repair, you have several options to best fit your needs. Depending on the amount of engine damage, mileage, overall vehicle condition, and how long you plan on keeping the vehicle you can choose the best solution for your auto engine problems. Our certified engine repair mechanic specialists will provide you with a complete and accurate diagnosis, then discuss with you how to get your automobile back on the road, and ensure that it provides the lasting performance you expect. This article discusses the differences between, and benefits of; new, remanufactured, or used engine replacement, repairing the original engine, or rebuilding the engine to factory standards (engine overhaul). 


Transmission Repair / Rebuild Cost & Advice

Transmission repair is one of the most costly types of mechanical repair your vehicle can require. Fortunately, many of the common problems which lead to failure can be prevented by keeping up with timely transmission service according to your car or truck's manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule. When the need for major repair or rebuilding does arise, there are several considerations when choosing the best transmission repair shop in San Antonio. This article highlights what to look for in a shop & how to evaluate the expertise of the mechanics you are considering trusting your vehicle to. We also discuss some of the important differences between transmission cost quotes, what should be included, and what questions you should ask when comparing estimates. As this is a major repair which is integral to your vehicle's performance, it is imperative to choose a shop which uses high-quality parts, gives you an accurate quote upfront which includes all parts and services you may need, and backs its work with a strong warranty on parts and labor. This is not a repair which you will want to repeat any time soon, so this article was written to help you ensure your repaired or rebuilt transmission will stand the test of time.


Auto AC Service, Repair, & Prevention of Common Problems

A car air conditioner makes a huge difference when it comes to the comfort of the driver and passengers, so it is easy to tell when something is not right. There are different types of issues which can cause your car AC to blow hot air, not circulate air efficiently, or even lead to auto AC failure. If you are experiencing any of these issues, stop by our San Antonio auto repair shop for a FREE car AC check. Air conditioning system problems can be electrical (such as blown fuses or damaged sensors/wires) or mechanical (including malfunctioning components) in nature. This article discusses some of the most common problems, what causes them, and how you can prevent specific issues with regular AC service and inspections. 


Hybrid Vehicle / Electric Car Repair, Electrical & Air Conditioner Diagnostics

Diagnosing and repairing hybrid or electric vehicles requires highly specialized training, equipment, and a strong foundational understanding of automotive electrical repair. This article covers some of the differences between gas vehicle and hybrid car AC recharges, repairs, & services. It also provides an overview of how electrically controlled auto AC components such as the compressor and electronic control module operate.


Visible Signs of Automotive Problems

Many warning signs of car problems are easy to see if you know what to look for. For example, unusual smoke coming from the exhaust pipe can be an indicator of cooling system problems, head gasket failure, or the need for engine repair depending on the color of the smoke. You can catch several issues early on before major components become damaged to the point of having to be replaced. It is a good idea to frequently check underneath your automobile for signs of leakage. Learn how to determine where a leak may be coming from by examining the color, smell, or viscosity of the leaking fluid, as well as where it is located under the vehicle.

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