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Repairing Hybrid Transmissions

Hybrid transmission repair and diagnostics requires highly specialized education, training, tools, and equipment. Auto Service Experts hybrid car repair technicians in San Antonio have a complete understanding of the operation & design of the different types of hybrids, as well as knowledge of important, unique safety procedures. When you find yourself in need of hybrid vehicle repair or service in San Antonio, trust the experts!


The major automotive systems in hybrids are intricately tied to one another. When searching for HEV transmission repair near you, it is wise to choose a professional, full-service auto repair shop that employs mechanics who are educated and experienced in working on all parts of hybrid vehicles. Auto Service Experts of San Antonio also specialize in hybrid engines, cooling systems, and auto AC systems.


Coolant Service for Hybrid Transmission on Prius

Coolant Service For Hybrid Transmission on Toyota Prius


Hybrid Transmission Service

Hybrid transmission service helps to prevent early transmission failure. It is highly recommended to have the transmission fluid changed every 30,000 miles. As in all types of hybrid vehicle services, hybrid transmissions require the use of fluids designed specifically for that particular make and model. Using the wrong motor oil, coolant or transmission fluid can result in serious damage to several systems and may require a complete motor or transmission replacement to fix.


Types of Hybrid Transmissions

There are several types of transmissions used in different makes and models of hybrid cars and alternative fuel vehicles. Repairing or rebuilding hybrid transmissions can be much more complicated than it is on gas powered vehicles, and differs greatly between different models of cars or SUVs.


Transmission Replacement on Toyota Prius

Hybrid Transmission Replacement on Toyota Prius at Auto Service Experts


The Honda Insight, Honda Accord Hybrid, and Honda Civic Hybrid vehicles are equipped with a traditional CVT transmission which is not tied into the high voltage (HV) system. This is sometimes called a mild hybrid. Removing and repairing transmissions on Honda hybrids is not much different than transmission repair on a gas powered vehicle. This type of transmission still receives power from the gas engine as well as the high voltage integrated motor assist (HV IMA). The BMW Active Hybrid 7 can also be classified as a mild hybrid because it is equipped with a traditional automatic transmission.


Other BMWs, Mercedes and GM hybrid vehicles use a type of hybrid transmission which combines traditional clutch pack assemblies with internal HV motor generators. 


Hybrid transmissions found in the Toyota Prius, Yaris, Hybrid X, Camry, and Ford Escape Hybrid rely on entirely electric motors and gears.


For more information on transmission service or repair for your particular vehicle, give us a call and speak with one of our ASE Master Technicians. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have, as well as provide helpful advice!


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