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Transmission Rebuilding Cost, Considerations, and Advice by Auto Service Experts

If you are trying to choose the best local transmission shop based on price quotes received over the phone, be sure to get an accurate idea of what each different quote includes. Many factors greatly affect the price of transmission repair such as the year, make, model, mileage, and condition of your vehicle. The level to which the transmission has been maintained, the specific transmission problems you are experiencing, and the condition of internal components also play a large role in determining transmission repair cost. An accurate quote requires a proper diagnosis.


Auto Service Experts transmission shop offers free checks and price estimates in order to give you a complete and accurate quote.


For an instant online estimate, use our RepairPal verified automotive repair price estimator. It's quick, accurate, easy to use, and provides excellent information regarding the repair or service you are considering. It takes into account the year, make, and model of your vehicle as well as average prices at reputable shops in your area. For exact quotes, give us a call at 210-495-6688 and a friendly and experienced service consultant will be happy to find you the best available prices for the parts and labor required.


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When comparing transmission price estimates consider the following:

*The services included
*The quality of parts and fluid used
*The type of warranty offered
*The transmission mechanic’s level of experience and specialization
*The estimated time to completion

While the cost of transmission maintenance or repair can be expensive, it is much more affordable than putting off a minor repair which can lead to total transmission failure. Your vehicle can not operate without a transmission. In the event of failure, your only options are a complete replacement or buying a new car.


It is often more cost effective to have a complete rebuild or overhaul rather than partial repair which replaces only the components which have failed. Transmissions are often the most difficult automotive systems to access. They take a great deal of time, skill, and labor to get to, and much more to remove and disassemble. In the rare case that there is one single faulty component which is causing your vehicle's problem, a mechanic would still have to remove and disassemble the transmission (which consists of hundreds of pieces) entirely to repair or replace one part. Diagnosing transmission problems in general is fairly straightforward. However, determining the exact parts which are damaged can involve the same amount of time and labor as a complete rebuild.


For this reason, beware of deals which seem too good to be true, and don't allow a mechanic you do not fully trust with the job of repairing your transmission to diagnose it. If they disassemble it for diagnostic purposes and you then decide to have the repairs done at a different repair shop, you could pay a large amount simply to have the first shop reassemble your transmission with the original damaged components.


How Should I Choose a Local Transmission Repair Shop Near Me?

In the case of transmission repair (even more so than any other type of auto repair), it is extremely important to research the shops you are considering rather than simply calling around for the cheapest repair cost quote.


Transmission Repair Diagnostics in San Antonio TX 78216

Rebuilt Transmission Installation by an Auto Service Experts ASE Certified Mechanic


* Find transmission shop reviews from reliable (not paid for) sources such as Google.

* Check the repair shop's standing with the BBB and the local chamber of commerce.

* Consider how long the rebuild shop has been in business.

* Ask to see their ASE certified automobile technician credentials.

* Find out if their mechanics have experience repairing transmissions on your specific make and model of car, truck, or SUV; transmissions differ greatly between vehicles! Ask about their level of expertise on automatic, CVT, Tiptronic, Semi-automatic, direct-shift gearbox, and manual transmission rebuilds and repairs.

* Ask if the shop does rebuilding in-house, or if they have a good relationship with a reputable and trustworthy rebuilding shop.

* Ask about warranty specifics- for how many miles and how long will the warranty be in effect, and does it cover parts and labor?

* Does the repair shop use high-quality parts, or are low transmission price quotes due to the use of sub-par components which could likely result in having to invest in the same repairs again as soon as the warranty expires?

* How long will the repair take? Will the mechanic begin working on your vehicle right away, or are you in a long line of cars waiting for repairs to begin? Is the shop able to locate the proper transmission rebuilding kit for your vehicle in town, or have it shipped within a reasonable amount of time?

* Does the repair facility employ professionally trained and experienced ASE certified automotive service writers who will ensure that all of the correct parts are present before the mechanics begin on your rebuild?

* Do they provide you with a complete diagnosis including other possible necessary repairs, and an accurate transmission repair cost quote upfront, and a realistic timeline as to when repairs will be completed?


Complete Transmission Rebuild at Auto Service Experts Transmission Shop

ASE Master Technician Performing a Complete Transmission Rebuild, Auto Service Experts


More About Transmission Repair Cost and Warranties

The level of transmission damage affects the price of a rebuild as well. A complete rebuild typically involves replacing all soft parts of the transmission. Damage to hard parts may involve additional costs.

When compared to a new transmission replacement, a rebuild usually costs less and achieves the same results. Used transmission replacement is a temporary fix at best, involves more risk, and is usually backed by a very minimal warranty if any. This may be an option if the value of the vehicle is under $3,000.

While your car or truck is under manufacturer's warranty, it is imperative to use the manufacturer recommended fluid for all transmission fluid changes. The use of automatic transmission fluid (ATF) which does not meet manufacturer requirements for your vehicle will void your warranty.

Many extended and powertrain warranties cover transmission repair, this can be an excellent option when purchasing a used vehicle with high mileage. Be sure to read the fine print, and be aware that you have the right to choose which shop to take your vehicle to for repair and service.

Some common problems such as transmission slipping, hard shifting, burnt smelling transmission fluid, and out of the ordinary transmission noises do not always require a complete rebuild. It takes a skilled and honest automotive diagnostician to determine the true source of these issues. Problems like these could be caused by a fault within the auto electrical system, a malfunctioning transmission control module, or even something as simple as low or contaminated ATF fluid. Repairing issues such as these can cost much less than it would to completely rebuild the transmission.

A quality local car repair shop near you should be able to give you an accurate transmission repair cost quote before beginning to take it apart. In some cases, however, it is impossible to determine the full extent of damage to transmission hard parts before disassembling it for in-depth diagnostics. With detailed knowledge of the problem you are experiencing, how long it has been going on, any other automotive problems you have noticed, and the overall condition of your vehicle, your local ASE certified car mechanic can give you a best and worst case scenario based upon the cost of parts for your vehicle.

Choosing a Transmission Repair Shop Near You

Complete overhaul at ASE transmission shop


See our blog for tips on how to evaluate and choose reliable local transmission shops to be sure you only trust your car or truck to the best mechanics around. Find quick ways to determine the quality and professionalism of a repair facility based on certifications, experience, reviews, business community standing, technology, equipment, & parts used, warranty coverage, and much more.

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