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Honda transmission repair requires specific knowledge of the unique design which makes them different from traditional automatic transmissions (AT). At Auto Service Experts, our ASE-certified mechanics have the required specialized knowledge, training, & equipment to quickly restore your vehicle to like-new performance. With over 20 years of experience repairing Hondas, Acuras and other Asian import cars in San Antonio, we have the confidence to back our work with the best warranty around.


Our full-service auto repair shop offers complete Honda & Acura repair, service, and maintenance.


Honda Automatic Transmission Rebuild BEFORE

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We are San Antonio's experts in transmission diagnostics. Our technicians will quickly and accurately pinpoint and repair your exact Honda transmission problem. By finding the specific source of the issue, we avoid misdiagnosis and ensure that we fix the problem right the first time without replacing any parts unnecessarily. Avoid being charged twice as much at the dealership… come by Auto Service Experts for a FREE Transmission Repair Diagnostic Check. We use only high quality and OEM parts, and complete all repairs to factory standards. Ask about our Full 3 Year/36,000 Mile Warranty on transmission shop services including repair and rebuilding which covers parts & labor!


Honda Transmission Innovations – A Little History

By the end of the 1960’s, most luxury vehicle brands had transitioned from manual to automatic transmissions. This trend did not take hold in Japan right away. Many factors contributed to Honda developing their own car transmission. At this time, automobiles were still not heavily used in Japan, and Honda did not yet offer a passenger car. Traditional ATs were more expensive than manual transmissions, and not as efficient on smaller Japanese cars.


Hydraulic Pressure Control

During transmission operation, a hydrodynamic torque converter uses oil circulation to transfer engine power. It is made up of a turbine, pump, and sator. The function of the sator is to convert torque, and it was traditionally a stationary, fixed component. Honda was able to make a moveable sator by using a bearing to turn it rather than bolting it down.

This allowed them to harness the force caused by the motion of the sator as amplified torque differential. That force could then be transferred to the hydraulic control valve. This innovation helped to solve the automatic transmission efficiency problem and eventually led to Honda patenting their exclusive “Hondamatic” transmission.


Parallel-Axis System

In order to fit the unit into a compact engine compartment, Honda developed a parallel-axis system to integrate the transmission with the engine. The simple design of the parallel-axis system eliminated the planetary gears used in traditional ATs. This allowed them to build a smaller transmission while simultaneously reducing the amount of friction it produced.


AT Lock-Up Function and Manual Selector Mechanism

Through the process of refining their custom transmission, Honda was able to develop several new technologies which continue to be standard in today’s cars.  Examples of such innovations were an AT which incorporated a lock-up function, as well as the manual selector mechanism which allows the driver to switch between automatic and manual operation.


Today's Honda Transmissions

After years of trial and error, the Honda transmission became known for its smooth shifting and lack of gear changing vibrations and shock. As developers continued to fine-tune their technology and attempted to meet the needs of an ever-changing automotive industry, several more prototypes were designed, the latest being the H6 6-speed. One of the most common types on the road today is the H5 5-speed found in many Honda and Acura models between 2000 and 2005.


Honda has now released the Accord Hybrid, Civic Hybrid, and the Honda Insight to meet the rising demand for fuel efficient vehicles. Honda hybrid transmission service and repair differ from that of other hybrid vehicles. Honda hybrids are sometimes also called "mild hybrids" because once the transmission is removed from the vehicle, it is not much different than a traditional gas powered CVT.


Honda ATs have also had their share of problems over the years, with many reports of failure and electrical issues. It is of critical importance to have your transmission serviced and maintained properly as many common problems are directly caused by lack of maintenance. In the event that you do experience problems, an experienced specialist at Auto Service Experts can determine the exact cause of the issue. From there, we will discuss with you what solution is best for your vehicle, whether it is a minor repair or a complete transmission overhaul.


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