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Fuel Injection Systems

Today's vehicles rely on different types of fuel injection systems, rather than carburetors, to supply the engine with fuel. One type of fuel injection system has an electronic fuel pump which sends pressurized fuel through a computer operated valve known as a fuel injector. The fuel injector atomizes the pressurized fuel into a highly flammable mist. The atomized fuel then passes through the intake manifold to each cylinder.


The fuel injection and combustion rates are measured by sensors which relay information to your car's computer. A malfunction in these sensors will prevent your vehicle from operating correctly and may require automotive electrical diagnostics and repair. Auto Service Experts auto repair shop specializes in diagnostics and our mechanics are highly trained and experienced in all types of fuel injection system repairs.


ASE Mechanic performs Engine Performance Tune Up San Antonio

San Antonio Mechanic performs Fuel Injector Pump replacement at our full-service garage


Fuel Injector and Throttle Body Service:

Fuel Injection System maintenance is necessary to keep your engine performance at the highest level possible and to avoid more serious car repairs in the future. When low-grade fuel is exposed to the extreme heat of the engine it leaves a residue of carbon buildup, olefin wax, and impurities.


This creates a higher compression ratio and causes cars to make a "ping knock" noise in the engine. It also reduces fuel economy and decreases overall engine performance. The ASE certified engine repair mechanics at Auto Service Experts are highly trained in Fuel Injection System service and fuel injector repair and can recommend the right service to increase your car's fuel economy and improve engine performance. 


Auto Service Experts Fuel Injection Cleaning Service Includes:

• Check / Adjust Minimum Air Flow Rate
• Complete Flush of Upper Fuel Injector Screens, Pressure Regulator, and Fuel Rail
• De-Carbon Pistons
• Fuel Injector Cleaning / Repair
• Fuel Pump - Test Pressure and gallons/minute Flow Rate
• Idle Air Control Valve Cleaning and Recalibration
• Ensure Pressure Regulator is in proper working order
• Check that the Diaphragm has not ruptured creating high Line Pressure
• Reprogram Engine Control Computer if required.


Engine Performance Repair Benefits:

• Better Fuel Economy
• Enhance Engine Performance
• Improve Vehicle Response Time
• Minimize Toxic Emissions
• Prolong the Lifetime of your Fuel Injectors

Engine Performance | Spark Plug and Wire Replacement

Spark plugs are designed to last a very long time, but do eventually wear out and have to be replaced. The connecting wires also wear out and should be replaced at the same time to avoid having to take your vehicle to an automotive repair shop twice in a short period of time. 

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