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We provide comprehensive scheduled maintenance services to ensure that you get the best performance and longest life out of your vehicle. Whether you are in need of 30,000, 60,000, 90,000, 120,000-mile service, or simply an oil change, you are in great hands with Auto Service Experts. Following the manufacturer recommended service schedule for maintenance on your particular model of car, truck, or SUV is the best way to prevent major damage and costly repairs. Today's vehicles are built to last if they are properly maintained. Small investments in preventative maintenance can save you thousands in the long run.

Auto Service Experts ASE certified technicians are trained and skilled in all areas of car care and repair. We have a thorough understanding of the way automotive systems operate and interact with one another, as well as how driving conditions affect them over time. Because of this we are able to accurately monitor the condition of important components and recommend the right services to avoid major damage to your vehicle.


Why is Preventative Maintenance Necessary?

Preventative maintenance does just what it sounds like- it MAINTAINS the condition and performance of your vehicle and PREVENTS major damage. Having the required services provided at the proper time can mean several more years of enjoyment out of your vehicle. Maintenance also contributes to higher resale value should you decide to sell your vehicle.

Save Money! Some car parts are designed to wear out over time. Having them replaced when necessary (before they fail completely) is a fairly minor expense. Neglecting maintenance, however, leads to costly repairs. For example, the water pump is essential to the engine cooling system. If it fails, the engine quickly overheats. Damage from overheating may require a head gasket replacement or a complete engine overhaul to repair.


90,000 Mile Service

While 90K mile service varies between makes & models, it typically includes important maintenance to prolong the lifetime of major automotive systems such as the transmission. Major repairs including transmission rebuilds and engine overhauls become much more common after the 100K mile mark. Timely maintenance can often prevent such issues. Most vehicles are no longer under warranty at this point, so avoiding major damage is more important than ever. If you are unsure of the maintenance schedule intervals for your car or truck, give us a call and we will be happy to help. One of our ASE Automotive Service Consultants will explain to you exactly what is needed, when, and why.


120,000 Mile Service

Just as taking care of your body and having regular check-ups becomes more important with age, maintaining your car becomes even more essential as it begins to rack up the miles. Many vehicles (Hondas, Toyotas & Chevy Trucks to name a few) are known for excellent lifetime performance well past 200,000 miles. Proper service by an experienced mechanic ensures that the investment you make in your vehicle is a long-lasting one.


Fluid Flushes/Fluid Replacements

Each automotive system relies on a specific type of fluid which performs extremely important functions. Some fluids, such as engine oil, function primarily to lubricate and protect moving components. Coolant maintains engine operating temperature and prevents overheating. Automatic transmissions are hydraulically operated, meaning that the force of transmission fluid actually powers the gears. Similarly, braking systems rely on hydraulic pressure from brake fluid to stop the vehicle. Power steering systems rely on pressure from power steering fluid to reduce the amount of effort required to steer the vehicle. 


Maintaining the proper level and condition of each fluid is extremely important. These fluids wear out, become contaminated, and may evaporate or leak out over time. For this reason, maintenance such as transmission fluid changes and cooling system flushes must be performed periodically. You can consult your owners manual to determine when each fluid replacement is recommended, or simply call and ask us!

Commonly Overlooked Maintenance Services

Following the Factory Recommended Automotive Service Schedule ensures that you don't neglect important maintenance. Power steering service, differential service, brake service, AC service, fuel system cleaning, cabin air filter replacements, and timing belt replacements are necessary at specific intervals depending on the year, make and model of your vehicle. You are probably aware of the importance of timely oil changes. Other types of service are required less often, but are equally important. For example, neglecting transmission service can lead to premature transmission failure. Having your transmission fluid changed when necessary is far less costly than having to have your transmission rebuilt or replaced.

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