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Keeping up with regularly scheduled oil changes and oil and lube services is one of the most important things you can do to keep your vehicle running at peak performance and avoid serious damage to your engine. Oil changes are integral to overall car maintenance. Failure to maintain oil at the proper level and condition is the most common cause of engine damage requiring major engine repair.


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At Auto Service Experts of San Antonio, we recognize the importance of this type of preventative maintenance. Our ASE Certified Auto Mechanics use Mobile 1 Engine Oil for all Oil changes and Oil and Lube Services. Mobile 1 engine oil is designed to keep your engine running smoothly while reducing sludge, wear, and oil breakdown.


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 Mobile 1 Engine Oil Change at Auto Service Experts

Choose the Right Motor Oil for Your Vehicle!

Conventional Oil - Mobile 1 conventional motor oils contain performance additives which protect automobile engines.

Synthetic Oil - Enhances engine performance, provides increased protection for engine components, and lasts longer than conventional oil, allowing you to put more miles on the vehicle before requiring an oil change. Synthetic oil change recommendations differ greatly between different makes and models of vehicles, so ask your local mechanic about the specific requirements for your car or truck.

High Mileage Oil - These are specifically designed to provide necessary protection and get the best possible performance out of engines with over 75,000 miles on them.


Mobile also offers oils designed especially for gas powered vehicles, diesel engine cars and trucks, racing oils for increased performance and horsepower, and motorcycle oils. If you are unsure which engine oil will provide you with the best performance & protection, an Auto Service Experts technician will be happy to discuss the benefits of the different options, and help you choose the right one based on your driving conditions and vehicle condition.


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Oil Changes Protect Your Engine

If engine oil is not changed on schedule, buildup of contaminated oil can prevent engine parts from receiving the lubrication which is necessary for their operation. This can cause damage which leads to major automotive engine repair. This video discusses why vehicles require different oil weights, grades & viscosity levels, and explains the differences between conventional and synthetic motor oil. It also explains why it is so important to follow the manufacturer recommendations on oil type, level, and how often you should have the oil changed.

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