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The technicians at our San Antonio mechanic shop are ASE Master Certified in auto Electrical Repair and Car Electronic System diagnostics and repair. Contact us today with any questions or needs regarding Automotive Electrical Systems repair or diagnostic service.

 Auto Electrical Repair Alarm Removal from Chevy Corvette

Automotive Electrical System Diagnostics on Corvette


Today's cars are more electronically controlled than ever. Your vehicle's computer and electrical system affect almost every major automotive system. Electrical problems may be the cause of a wide variety of issues such as the need for brake repair due to electronic issues within the Anti-Lock Brakes System. Electronic diagnostics and are often also involved in transmission repairs and transmission rebuilds, as the transmission control module is electronically controlled. Similarly, your auto AC system involves several electronic components such as the control panel and AC control switch. For this reason, AC repair and auto electrical repair are often interrelated. In the event that your car won't start, electrical diagnostics can determine whether there is a problem with the charging system, the vehicle is in need of a starter replacement, or there is some other malfunction causing the problem.


About Automotive Electrical Systems

All electrical circuits operate according to the laws of physics. Auto electrical systems, in particular, operate according to Ohm’s law which describes the relationship between amperage, current, and voltage. This law allows us to use the information we have available about two of the variables to test for the third, unknown variable.

Electrical System Terms:

• Current - The motion of electrical charge, or flow of electrons within an electronic circuit.
• Direct Current (DC) - electrons all flow in the same direction.
• Alternating Current (AC) - directions of electrons vary according to a wave pattern.
• Bridge Rectifier - converts AC from the alternator to DC to charge the car battery and power other major automotive systems.
• Amps - the units by which electrical currents are measured. Amps are measured by an ammeter.
• Voltage - measured in volts, and refers to the electromotive force which makes a current flow through a circuit.
• Ohms - units which measure resistance in an electrical flow.


Automotive Electrical Repair of San Antonio

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Our ASE Mechanics are Qualified and Experienced in Hybrid Car Maintenance and Electric Vehicle Repair.


Electrical System Components:

• Alternator - charges your car battery by generating DC, and powers other automotive electrical components.
• Battery - powers car starter and car ignition, and helps alternator power other auto electrical components as needed.
• Starter - starts vehicle engine when you turn the key in the ignition.
• Wires - electrical circuit conductors. The amount of current a wire is able to carry is relative to its size.
• Wire Harness - plastic or metal clips which hold a group of wires together and serve as connectors.
• Headlights
• Power Steering
• Power Windows and Seats


Auto Electrical Diagnostics on Hybrid CarElectrical and Electronics Repair by San Antonio's Auto Service Experts


Common Auto Electrical Circuit Faults:

• Open Circuits - a circuit break (often due to poor connections) stops the current flow and can disable auto electrical components connected to the circuit.
       • Causes:
              • Poor Connection
              • Open Fuse
              • Component Failure
              • On/Off Switch
• Ground Shorts - a wire touching the ground due to damaged insulation can cause the current to be prematurely grounded.
• Power Shorts - voltage shorts between two circuits, or between one branch of a circuit and another.
• High Resistance - may cause circuit load to function poorly, or prevent operation entirely.
       • Causes:
              • Wire Damage
              • Corroded or Contaminated Connections
• Low Resistance - may result in damage to wires, controllers or other circuit components.
       • Causes:
              • absence or malfunction of loads/resistors.


Hybrid Car Repair Electrical in San Antonio

Electrical System Repair on Hybrid Toyota Prius

Alternator Operation and Functions

On todays vehicles, alternators work harder than ever because they are responsible not only for recharging the car battery, but also generating power for the ever increasing number of automotive electrical components such as GPS, Engine Management Computers, stability control, and many more.

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