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Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) repair and service require specialized equipment & parts, as well as highly qualified mechanics. While many regular maintenance needs are similar to those of typical gas-powered vehicles, some of the most important steps in hybrid car maintenance are very specific to these vehicles. The traditional and electrical components and systems within HEVs are intricately tied to, and dependent upon one another. A problem in any one of these components can simultaneously affect several different systems, therefore it often requires extensive diagnostics by a highly specialized HEV technician to pinpoint the exact problem source and properly repair it.


Hybrid Repair ABS Actuator Replacement on Toyota Prius

ABS actuator replacement - 2007 Toyota Prius Hybrid Car Repair


Auto Service Experts mechanics are professionally certified by A.S.E., the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence in all areas of vehicle repair & maintenance. Our extensive HEV experience includes hybrid transmission repair and service, electric motor repair, hybrid electric air conditioner repair, electrical diagnostics, battery replacements, ABS/brake systems, cooling system repairs, and more.


HEV Batteries

HEV batteries are known to be very reliable, with most lasting around 10 to 15 years (usually between 120K to 150K miles, maybe more). For this reason, they typically come with excellent warranties and are well worth the initial seemingly high cost. Hybrid battery failure, however, is possible at much lower or higher mileage, depending on the individual vehicle. As with all automotive components, some makes and models offer certain performance and durability advantages. In the event of failure, first, check your warranty to see if the vehicle is still covered. Warranties vary not only according to manufacturers and dealerships but also according to differing state laws.


New Hybrid Battery Replacement

New HEV batteries can be costly, however, this is an investment which is likely to last another 10 years or longer. This is often the best long-term option as you will get the most warranty coverage and can expect the lifetime and performance to be on par with the original unit that came with the vehicle. Because different types of batteries vary in cost and lifetime, there are some cases where new battery replacement may not make financial sense. In the case where the vehicle no longer holds enough value to justify spending a few thousand on a new replacement, there are other options to consider.


Reconditioned Hybrid Battery Replacement

Rebuilt or refurbished HEV batteries cost much less than new ones and can help to keep your vehicle on the road for several more years. These batteries are made up of many cells or modules. Often, when battery failure occurs, it is due to a dead cell which can be located and replaced individually.


Used Hybrid Battery Replacement

Used batteries are sometimes available from hybrids which were parted out after suffering body damage, or other malfunctions not involving the battery. The cost is much lower, and this may be a good temporary alternative to purchasing a new one. However, as with most used parts, they do involve more risk and fewer lifetime and performance guarantees.


HEV Operation

Hybrid motors - Hybrids combine electric motors with small internal combustion engines similar to those in gas-powered vehicles.


Internal combustion engine - These engines run on gasoline and operate similarly to traditional automobile motors. However, they are considerably smaller and lighter and are designed to handle smaller loads. Their smaller size and efficient design require much less fuel to operate, therefore reduce the emissions released into the atmosphere.


Electric drive motors - The electric motor is powered by hybrid batteries, it draws energy from the batteries and also returns it to them. It is designed to help the small internal combustion engine carry the workload under more strenuous conditions such as driving on an incline. There are some driving conditions in which the electric motor operates without any assistance from the internal combustion engine such as cruising and maneuvering the vehicle at low speeds.


Hybrid batteries - These rechargeable batteries store energy and supply electricity to the electric motor. Charging is handled by a charging system within the vehicle which allows the unit to store energy without having to plug-in to an external power source (as required with completely electric vehicles).


Regenerative braking systems - Heat which is generated from friction within the braking system is converted into energy and stored in the rechargeable batteries. Regenerative braking also offers the additional benefit of reducing the amount of wear on brake system components.


Vehicle charging control system - These sophisticated, computer-controlled electronic units control the operation of the electric drive motor, regulate charging, and monitor temperature. They are often connected to cooling systems which are specifically dedicated to handling the extreme heat created by both electric motors and regenerative braking. By using cooling as well as integrated heating systems, the charging control unit monitors and makes adjustments to maintain the proper operating temperature.


Auto Service Experts HEV technicians are specifically trained and experienced in working on all makes and models of hybrid cars, SUVs, and trucks including:

Toyota Hybrids - Prius, Camry, Volta, Hybrid X, Highlander, Avalon, RAV4
Lexus Hybrids - ES, LS, HS, CT, GS, RX
Honda Hybrids - Accord, Civic, Insight, CR-Z
Chevrolet Hybrids - Tahoe, Malibu, Silverado, Volt

Ford Hybrids - Fusion, C-MAX, Escape, Focus

Mercury - Mariner, Milan

GMC - Sierra, Yukon

Acura ILX

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Brake Service

Brake Repair Pad & Rotor Replacement


Your car may still run without Brakes, but will it STOP? Ensure the safety of yourself & your loved ones by having a qualified ASE technician complete a thorough brake system inspection and recommend the right brake service or repair job to keep your vehicle running & Stopping Smoothly.

Auto AC Repair

AC Repair on 04 Lamborghini Gallardo


Get your ride ready for the summer (and occasional mid-winter) heat! Auto Service Experts offers FREE AC checks by San Antonio HVAC specialists! Our mechanics are professionally certified in automotive air conditioning system repair & service, and are Experts in Diagnostics - We Save You Time & Money!

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

This video discusses the benefits and drawbacks of different types of alternative fuel vehicles which reduce harmful emissions and fossil fuel usage. Flex fuel vehicles are designed to run on regular gas or E85 fuel. E85 is a mixture of 15% gasoline and 85% ethanol, which can be manufactured from corn. Diesel engines offer excellent performance, increased fuel economy, and diesel fuel can be made from renewable sources. Natural gas vehicles are designed to operate on compressed natural gas which is more affordable than petroleum gasoline and less damaging to the environment. Plug in electric cars do not require gasoline, but have to be connected to an external power source in order to recharge the battery. Hybrid cars rely on an electric motor (powered by a rechargeable battery) which works together with an internal combustion engine (powered by gas or diesel fuel). In mild hybrids the gas engine is assisted by the electric motor only under certain conditions. Full hybrids rely more heavily on the electric motor, and their small combustion engines are used to recharge the battery. Many hybrids also utilize regenerative brakes which collect the energy created through braking and use it to recharge the battery. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles convert hydrogen and oxygen into electricity which powers the electric motor, and release water vapor instead of pollutants. With constant technological advancemnents in the automotive industry, altenative fuel vehicles are becoming more viable, offering increased performance, and providing more benefits to both drivers and the environment!

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