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Hybrid car AC systems use technology which differs from traditional car air conditioning systems in several important ways. Always have your hybrid vehicle A/C system repaired and serviced by certified technicians with extensive training and experience in the areas of hybrid vehicle repair, electrical repair, and auto A/C repair. Even a seemingly simple mistake can cause permanent damage to the system, or cause an electrical short which will cause the car not to start.


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Hybrid Vehicle Electrically Driven AC Compressors

The first hybrid cars on the market operated on traditional belt drive AC compressors which required the internal combustion engine to be running at all times when the AC was on. This created a dilemma when idling at traffic lights because the internal combustion engine in hybrid vehicles is designed to automatically shut off when idling.


The invention of the electric motor driven AC compressor allowed the AC to remain in operation without interfering with the hybrid vehicle idle stop design. It also allowed the compressor to run at the ideal RPM for greatest efficiency in any AC mode without being affected by the speed of the internal combustion engine. Electric AC compressors give the driver more precise control over the air temperatures and the amount of humidity flowing from the vent.


Not all hybrid auto AC compressors are entirely electric, some (particularly in Honda Hybrids) are driven by dual pulleys. One pulley is powered by an electric motor, and the other operates on a traditional belt which is powered by the internal combustion engine. In this type of hybrid auto air conditioning system, the compressor only relies on the high-voltage electric motor when the vehicle is idling, which improves fuel economy.


Air Conditioning Electrical Repair on Hybrid Car


AC Electronic Control Module

The electronic control module controls the AC compressor motor. The ECM is connected to sensors within the air conditioning system which supply data on conditions such as humidity, sun load, and cabin air temperature. The ECM processes this data to determine when the compressor requires more power from the electric motor. Hybrid vehicle air conditioning system problems often involve the ECM


Hybrid Auto AC Recharge

Hybrid car air conditioning systems require polyol ester oil (POE) for lubrication. The polyalkylene glycol oil (PAG) used in a traditional car AC recharge does not provide adequate insulation or prevent electrical leakage in hybrid systems. Even a tiny amount of PAG will cause irreversible damage to the system and can lead to a no-start, or require an entire AC system replacement to repair.


A quality auto repair shop must either have dedicated hybrid AC equipment or thoroughly clean all equipment before switching between hybrid and non-hybrid A/C recharge services to prevent contamination. This includes flushing the hoses of the recovery/ recycling/ recharge (RRR) machine.


Auto AC System Leak Detection in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Hybrid A/C system leak detection requires specialized knowledge and equipment as well. In Honda and Toyota hybrids, the liquid fluorescent dye used in conventional AC leak detection is not permitted. It takes a skilled hybrid AC mechanic to find and seal leaks in electric cars and SUVs.

Auto AC Repair

AC Repair on 04 Lamborghini Gallardo


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