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Auto Service Experts ASE certified mechanics have over 20 years of experience in auto suspension and steering repair and servicing. Our technicians can accurately diagnose your vehicle's repair needs and discuss with you the best repair options. Our goal is to ensure that your vehicle steering and suspension systems give you complete control and maneuverability while providing you with the most comfortable and safest ride possible.


Auto Steering and Suspension Repair


Auto Steering Systems

A car steering system allows us to direct and maneuver our car or truck, and to quickly make and recover from turns at varied speeds. Steering systems provide a mechanical advantage which reduces the amount of effort the driver has to put into rotating the steering wheel in order to turn the vehicle. These systems transfer the force a driver applies to the steering wheel along the steering column to a steering box.


Steering Column

Modern steering columns often have a collapsible design to reduce the possibility of serious driver injury in the event that the car is wrecked. Steering columns often incorporate switches for the vehicle ignition, lights, windshield wipers and lock assembly. Some 4-wheel and electric assisted steering systems also incorporate sensors and control units to send data to the vehicle's steering control modules.


Steering Box

The steering box is responsible for converting the rotary movement of the steering wheel into the directional change of the wheels. Common steering box designs include:

• Rack and Pinion - the most common type of steering system, originally designed to quickly maneuver lightweight sports cars at high speeds. This system, however, can call for a great deal of operator effort at slow speeds. The size of the pinion determines the reduction ratio. Smaller pinions are easier to turn than large pinions, but require more rotations of the wheel to turn the vehicle.

• Worm Gearbox - designed to be sturdy enough to reduce the steering effort needed to turn heavier loads, this steering system is more complicated and has more components than the rack and pinion design.
       • Types of worm gearboxes include:
              • Worm and Sector
              • Worm and Nut
              • Worm and Roller

• Recirculating Ball Steering Box - a very common steering design which combines worm and sector with worm and nut technology. This design may be manual or power assisted.


Power Steering System Service and Repair

Power steering compensates for additional weight on the front end of the vehicle and gives the driver more effortless control and maneuverability, especially while slowly turning corners or when parking. A hydraulic pump pressurizes power steering fluid and pumps it through connecting hoses and lines to the power unit on either the rack and pinion or the steering box. It is important to follow the manufacturer recommended service schedule for power steering fluid replacement because the fluid can become contaminated or low and damage the hoses & lines causing leaks and decreasing steering performance. Allowing fluid to reach low levels can also lead to having to have a power steering pump replacement.


Auto Suspension Systems

A vehicle suspension system is designed to maintain contact between its tires and the ground and increase driver comfort and safety. Front and rear springs support the weight of the vehicle and reduce the jarring impact as the vehicle meets the resistance of the uneven ground surface. Shock absorbers work to further reduce the bouncing motion felt within the vehicle. A loose suspension increases the amount of effort required to stop the vehicle. This creates excess stress on the braking system and leads to having to have your vehicle's brakes repaired or serviced more frequently. It can also cause serious safety issues. Auto suspension systems help to protect vehicle components from unnecessarily rough operating conditions, therefore improving their lifetime and performance. 


Automotive suspension and steering components which most commonly require repair:

• Alignment
• Struts
• Shocks
• Tie Rod Ends
• Sway Bar Links
• Pitman Arm
• Idler Arm
• Rack & Pinion
• Gear Box • Electronic Steering
• Ball Joints
• Control Arms
• Wheel Bearings
• Torsion Bar
• Lift Kits
• Lowering Kits
• Radius Arms

Shocks and Struts Function and Wear

Vehicle suspension systems not only increase driver comfort, but also play an important role in acceleration, steering, braking, performance, control, and ultimately driver safety. Replacing Shocks and Struts after 50,000 miles can restore your automobile's performance, and upgrading them can improve handling and increase towing capacity.

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