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Steering System on 1937 Chevy RoyalThis 1937 Chevrolet Deluxe was manufactured before the invention of power steering systems. Steering wheels were larger to provide more leverage for turning the vehicle.


Power Steering Flush/Fluid Replacement

Power steering fluid replacements should be performed according to manufacturer specifications in order to protect the system from unnecessary damage. Most of these systems rely on fluid to create hydraulic pressure which reduces the amount of effort required to steer your vehicle. The fluid also contains anti-corrosive additives and detergent which clean and lubricate the inside of the system. Additives help to protect moving components from excess friction, prevent fluid clogs, and ensure smooth operation.


These additives wear out over time and no longer provide adequate protection for system components. Hoses begin to deteriorate and bits of rubber break off into the fluid causing clogs. Contaminated, worn fluid also attracts water which speeds the deterioration process, corrodes hoses and connectors, and leads to leaks. If the fluid cannot flow properly due to clogs or leaks, steering performance will decline and become rough and choppy.


Leak Repair

Power steering fluid leaks can increase the amount of effort required to steer and may lead to uneven steering or loss of control. Low fluid can also cause pump failure, damage to other components, and poor fuel economy. Having leaks repaired as soon as they become evident can save you from more costly repairs such as power steering pump replacement. In the event of system failure, you may still be able to drive and steer your vehicle, just not nearly as efficiently. The lower the speed, the more difficult it is to maneuver the vehicle without the aid of this system. However, malfunctions within the system can cause the steering to lock up completely in which case you will be unable to drive or maneuver your vehicle, and will require a tow to the nearest professional automotive service center for repair.


Serpentine Belt Replacement

In some newer vehicles, these systems rely on an electric motor which assists the driver’s effort in order to steer the car or truck. However, in most vehicles, the serpentine belt or drive belt drives the pump which pressurizes the fluid and creates a hydraulic steering assist. The serpentine belt wears out over time placing excess stress on the pump and other components it powers. Following factory service recommendations for serpentine belt replacement helps to prevent damage to these components.


Signs Your Car is in Need of Power Steering Service or a System Inspection:

Contaminated or low fluid - chronically low fluid may indicate a leak.
Choppy, difficult, or rough turning
High pitched/whining noise after cold start
Mechanical steering problems
Pump problems
Vehicle is pulling to one side


Driving Tips to Avoid Damage Which Requires Steering or Suspension Repair:

Avoid hitting bumps or potholes hard.
Avoid turning the wheel hard to the side and continuing to hold it there for more than a few moments- so no donuts!


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Power Steering Flushes, Inspections, and Service

If you've ever driven an older vehicle which was not equipped with power steering, you probably have a good idea of just how important and helpful this system is. Without it, your car or truck will be extremely difficult to steer- especially if you are used to the having the power steering assist. Some vehicles provide power steering assistance using an electric pump. More commonly, a hydraulic pump pressurizes the power steering fluid in order to reduce the amount of effort required to turn the vehicle.


Power steering system flushes are an important part of automotive maintenance. The fluid accumulates water over time which leads to corrosion and power steering leaks. The hoses also wear down over time and may develop cracks or cloggs as the material dissentegrates and is carried throughout the system.


Signs of power steering system problems include a "whining" noise while steering, rough or jerky steering, vehicle pulling to one side, and visible leaks or low fluid levels. Most power steering problems involve a bad power steering pump, contaminated or low fluid, or mechanical steering problems. Some common causes of these issues include: hitting a pothole, misalignment issues, turning the steering wheel all the way to the left or right and holding it there, and failure to have a power steering system inspection or service at the recommended intervals.

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