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Auto AC repair in San Antonio is especially important due to extremely high temperatures and humidity. Your car air conditioning systems work extremely hard to keep you cool, and it is quite obvious when something is wrong with it. There are several different types of problems which can cause AC failure. These range from simple fixes to major repairs or complete system replacements, and many of these issues are completely preventable with proper maintenance.


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If your vehicle's air conditioner is not blowing cold air, it's time to have it diagnosed and repaired by an ASE certified automotive HVAC specialist. AC problems do not always require major repair. They could be caused by something as simple as a loose connection which causes an electrical short, or even just debris clogging the filter and blocking airflow. It takes a diagnostic expert to determine the exact source of the problem and identify the underlying causes in order to ensure the air conditioning system is completely repaired and that the issues do not repeat themselves. Incorrect or incomplete diagnoses often lead to replacing parts unnecessarily, which means you could spend more money than necessary without completely fixing the underlying cause of the issue.


Auto AC Electrical Problems and Repairs

Your car air conditioning system is electronically operated. Electrical issues such as damaged wires, blown fuses, or a broken temperature sensor can cause the system to malfunction.


Acid Buildup Due to Electrical Malfunctions

Electrical issues within the air conditioning system may be simple, such as a loose connection which is easily repaired. With regular AC checks by a competent technician, these sorts of issues are caught before they damage the compressor. However, electrical problems can lead to acid buildup if ignored. This acid buildup can damage and corrode components so badly that the vehicle requires a complete AC system replacement, which is much more expensive than periodic maintenance or minor electrical repair.


AC repair on Nissan Rouge

Compressor Kit Replacement on Nissan Rouge by our San Antonio car HVAC Mechanics


Mechanical Problems

An auto AC system consists of several moving components which work together. Faulty or broken components will diminish or completely prevent proper air flow.


Compressor Failure

AC compressor failure is a common but serious issue which can often be prevented with regular auto a/c checks and maintenance. A car air conditioner cannot function without the compressor. Unfortunately once the point of compressor failure has been reached, simply replacing the unit will not always completely resolve the problem. It is imperative to diagnose the cause of compressor failure to ensure that it won't happen again. 


The most common reason a compressor gives out is because it has overheated. Issues such as a clogged filter or a buildup of contaminants in the coils can cause the compressor to run non-stop trying unsuccessfully to cool the vehicle cabin air. This constant strain on the system can cause it to fail entirely. Low Freon (or refrigerant), too much Freon, or using the wrong type of refrigerant for your vehicle are also conditions which place excessive strain on the compressor. Similarly, clogged a/c lines or using the wrong size line can cause the system to overwork. AC inspections are designed to catch these problems early on before they cause permanent damage to the compressor which requires more serious and expensive repair.


Auto Air Conditioner Repair on Chevrolet Blazer

AC Compressor Kit Replacement on Chevrolet Blazer


Air is Not Blowing Cold

If the air coming from your AC vents is not icy cold, but still cool, it could be due to a clogged or dirty cabin air filter, or debris and contaminants restricting air flow through the condenser. These are easy problems to repair if you have them fixed as soon as you notice the drop in AC performance. If not attended to, they will cause your compressor to overwork to the point of failure. There may also be a malfunction within the cooling fans, radiator, or condenser which causes the air temperature to increase. A proper inspection by a competent technician will find these issues, as well as verify that the pressure readings from within the system meet manufacturer recommendations.


Air is not flowing properly

There could be several reasons that your auto AC is not blowing air properly. Air flow cools the Freon and circulates cold air throughout the automobile. Insufficient air flow is often caused by a malfunctioning cooling fan, broken compressor, or blown fuse. A poorly maintained condenser can develop a buildup of contaminants and debris, which also restricts air flow. The cabin air filter can become restricted or clogged which prevents cool air from flowing into the vehicle cabin and causes the system to work extremely hard only to provide poor results.


Air conditioner is leaking coolant/refrigerant

Car AC leaks are usually caused by a crack or puncture within the system’s hoses and connections. Coolant is vital to cold air production. If the coolant level is low the AC will not work correctly. A portion of coolant is lost over time under normal operating conditions, so it is a good idea to have a reliable mechanic check your Freon level annually.


Engine Overheating

Extremely high engine temperatures can prevent coolant from circulating and cooling properly. In this case, your vehicle may require engine repair or cooling system repair to solve the problem. Have an experienced mechanic diagnose and repair overheating or auto cooling system problems immediately- allowing the engine to overheat causes major damage to your car or truck!


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Auto AC Repair

AC Repair on 04 Lamborghini Gallardo


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Car Air Conditioning System Problems and Causes

Car air conditioning service helps to avoid future ac problems, and more costly repairs. Even if your ac is still working, the refriderant or Freon needs to be periodically replaced. This is because it also contains oil which deteriorates over time. This oil is necessary to lubricate the system and protect it from moisture & corrosion which can cause components to break down and fail prematurely. AC refrigerant replacement improves performance, and increases the lifetime of the system.

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