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State vehicle inspection failure is more common as auto emissions standards have become increasingly strict over recent years, especially for newer vehicles. This is a trend which is expected to continue. Keeping up with regular car maintenance will help to lower emissions, keep your vehicle running at peak performance, and ensure that it passes the yearly inspection.


Check Engine Light Diagnostics San Antonio TX 78216

Your car's Check Engine Light is designed to alert you to automotive problems before they cause further damage to your vehicle.

Auto Service Experts offers Check Engine Light Diagnostics FREE with repairs.

If your vehicle does fail the state vehicle inspection, there is still hope! Auto Service Experts specializes in auto repair diagnostics and can find and repair the specific problems which prevented your automobile from passing the yearly state vehicle inspection. As cars and trucks become increasingly complex, more and more components rely on your auto electrical system. Our shop has the skilled technicians and advanced equipment required to properly diagnose and repair auto electrical problems


Automotive Emissions Repair in San Antonio

Auto Service Experts offers auto emissions repair which will correct the problems and allow your vehicle to pass inspection, and we guarantee our work. Simply bring in your vehicle inspection report once we have completed the required repairs and one of our ASE certified technicians will fill out and sign the back, making your car or truck eligible for a retest at any state certified Clean Air Car Check facility. We back our work with the best warranty in the industry!


***If your vehicle is still under warranty, some auto emissions repairs could be covered. Vehicles manufactured in 1995 or later are required by law to extend their warranties covering the catalytic converter and on-board diagnostic (OBD) computer to 8 years/ 80,000 miles.


Vehicle Inspection Tests

The state inspection regulations and standards may include testing of several automotive systems and factors which differ from county to county. The safety inspection checks for proper operation of the brakes, steering system, tires, lights, and horn. This portion of the testing is universally required.

Emissions inspections vary from city to city and may include testing of any or all of the following; on-board diagnostics, acceleration stimulation mode, and two-speed idle. San Antonio does not yet include the auto emissions testing which is required in most metropolitan areas, but it will likely implement it in the future.


On-Board Diagnostics Systems

Several factors can cause a vehicle to fail the on-board diagnostics (OBD) test portion of the vehicle inspection process.


The Check engine light (or malfunction indicator lamp) is on. This could signify any number of car or truck problems. Your Vehicle Inspection report will contain the diagnostic trouble code (or codes) which are responsible for your check engine light being on. This gives you a general idea of where to look, but our diagnostics experts take this process much further to pinpoint the exact issues and ensure that your vehicle is repaired completely to OBD test standards.


The Check engine light is malfunctioning. The state requires that this light is functional, in order to warn you of internal car problems which may put you or other drivers in danger. It is always in your best interest to pay attention to your check engine light. It can save you time and money by preventing minor car problems from becoming major auto repair issues, as well as alert you to important safety concerns. If your check engine light is on or malfunctioning, have a certified diagnostic technician investigate as soon as possible.


The on-board diagnostics system connector is malfunctioning or missing. This connector is required to complete the testing process.


OBD Test Rejection

In some cases, vehicles may be altogether rejected for an on-board diagnostics test. This can happen if the person performing the test is not able to access the OBD. Another reason for rejection may be that the OBD system is not ready, or does not yet have full reports of the emission control system operation. Clearing diagnostic trouble codes, or disconnecting or allowing the battery to die may result in the OBD system not being ready for a short while. In time, this issue will correct itself.


Other Causes of State Vehicle Inspection Failure

Other reasons your vehicle may not pass the emissions inspection include high emissions levels, a catalytic converter which is damaged or has been tampered with, or an improperly sealed gas cap.

***All of these conditions reduce your vehicle's fuel efficiency and auto engine performance, therefore should be addressed regardless of county inspection requirements.


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