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Brake Job on Ford F150


What is involved in a complete brake job?

To properly complete a job, a detailed inspection should first be performed to determine which parts are damaged or worn and need to be replaced. At most brake shops, service includes replacing pads and rotors (or turning/resurfacing the rotors). There are, however, several more parts which are integral to the system, and ultimately your safety! Your car's brakes are arguably its most important safety feature and not an area where you should settle for a job half done. Auto Service Experts Brake Shop in San Antonio, TX employs mechanics who are ASE certified brake repair specialists and have over 20 years of experience providing top quality service in our local and surrounding areas.


What inspections does a brake check include?

Test drive the vehicle to check for signs of brake problems including shaking, grinding, squealing noises, low brake pedal, and diminished stopping power.
Check the thickness of disc brake pads and look for signs of uneven wear, cracks, or separation from plates.
Inspect calipers & wheel cylinders for cracks and leaks.
Inspect the master cylinder for leaks and worn or damaged linings.
Check lines and hoses for leaks, corrosion, and other signs of damage.
Check the level and condition of brake fluid.
On vehicles equipped with rear drum brakes, ensure that shoes are the proper thickness, and are not loose or cracked.
Inspect drum hardware noting any corroded, loose, or discolored components.
Ensure proper operation of ABS and brake warning lights.
Check for proper parking/emergency brake operation.


 Brake Inspection on Ford F150

After a detailed inspection, the pads and rotors were replaced on this Ford F150


After thoroughly inspecting the system, an expert mechanic can make the right recommendations of which parts should be replaced, which are in good condition, and which ones may need attention in the near future. Because components wear out at different rates, you may have the option to replace only a few necessary parts or to go ahead and replace all moderately to extremely worn parts at once. For example, front pads often wear out sooner than rear pads or shoes. Keep in mind that following a few driving tips and keeping up with regular service prevents brake problems, extends lifetime, and avoids repair.


This is a decision which should be made on an individual basis, taking into account the condition of each component, as well as time and budget constraints. Parts can be replaced only as needed to ensure that you get the most life out of each, or you may want to save time and a little money by restoring the entire system to like new condition at once.


Over recent years the price of rotors has decreased dramatically, making it more cost effective to replace worn brake rotors with new ones than to turn or machine the old ones. The price difference is usually only about $20, while the difference in performance and lifetime is worth much more!


The quality of parts used is an important consideration when deciding which is the best brake shop near you to trust your vehicle to. You may be able to save a little money by going with the cheapest brake job around, but keep in mind this usually does not involve a proper inspection, includes only the bare minimum, uses low-quality parts, and does not provide much of a warranty. The difference in low vs. high-quality parts can mean the difference between having to replace brake pads once a year and only needing to worry about it every 3 years or more. Of course, there is also a vast difference in performance and the ability to stop in an emergency.


Auto Service Experts uses high-quality parts and backs San Antonio brake repairs with a Full 3 Year, 36,000 Mile Warranty.

Diagnostic Fees Waived With Repairs!

Brake Checks


There is more to a brake inspection than simply checking to see if the pads need to be replaced. Braking systems also include many mechanical components such as the brake pump, brake fluid, tires, calipers, pistons, springs. These components may become cracked, worn, gummed-up, or otherwise damaged, and can cause safety issues or brakes system failure. At the first sign of problems, take your vehicle to a reputable brake repair shop near you for a thorough inspection.

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