Water Pump Replacement

Water Pump Replacement

Engine Cooling System Repair at Auto Service Experts

Water pump replacement is a repair you should never put off. Having it inspected at the first sign of a failure or leak can save you thousands in the long run! Your car's water pump is essential to cooling system operation. Its function is to circulate coolant through the radiator and engine in order to maintain optimum operating temperature. If your water pump fails, the coolant cannot do its job to prevent the engine from overheating. As you probably know, overheating is the leading cause of engine failure, and can lead to costly repairs such as engine rebuilding or replacement. 

 Water Pump Replacement on Chevy Truck at Auto Service Experts

Water Pump Replacement on Chevrolet Truck


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Auto Service Experts employs ASE Master Technicians and mechanics specializing in engine cooling system repair and maintenance. We are committed to providing honest and accurate diagnostics designed to catch minor problems before they cause irreversible damage to your vehicle. Our full-service San Antonio auto shop is equipped with state of the art equipment and technology to help us pinpoint the exact cause of cooling system or overheating problems. This thorough diagnostic process allows us to provide only the necessary repairs without replacing parts unnecessarily. We get you back on the road quickly and affordably.


We Back All Repairs With the Best Warranty in the Auto Repair Industry - Nationwide coverage on Parts and Labor.


How It Works

The water pump is a centrifugal pump which is mounted on the front of the engine. In many vehicles, the pump is belt driven and powered by the crankshaft. The drive belt (also called a serpentine belt or V belt) is connected to the engine's crankshaft. While the engine is running, the crankshaft rotates turning the belt. As the drive belt turns, it turns blades on the impeller pump. These blades push the coolant through passages within the engine block, then to the cylinder head(s), past the thermostat, through the upper radiator hose, through the radiator, and back into the water pump through the lower radiator hose. As hot coolant travels through the radiator it is cooled back down by the air cooling fan. In some vehicles, the pump is driven by the timing belt or the timing chain. In others, gear operated water pumps are powered by the camshaft. Some newer European cars (such as BMWs & Volkswagens), and hybrid cars rely on electrically operated water pumps.


Signs you may need to have your water pump replaced:

Water pumps inevitably wear out over time and usually fail between 40K and 100K miles. Once it fails, it cannot be repaired and must be replaced. Auto Service Experts uses only high quality & OEM parts and backs all replacements with a complete warranty. It is also a good idea to have your water pump replaced at the same time as you have your timing belt replaced. Some water pumps are driven by the timing belt, and they usually wear out around the same time. If you have only the belt replaced and the water pump fails or begins to leak it can ruin the new belt. Having them replaced at the same time also saves money because the same amount of labor is required whether you do one or both. 


Visible steam from the radiator - This is a good sign that the engine is overheating, and should be investigated by an experienced ASE Certified mechanic near you. 


Overheating Engine - In the event of water pump failure, coolant cannot travel through the system and the engine will quickly overheat. Never drive when the engine is overheating, pull over as soon as you notice any problem. Driving while overheating causes major engine damage such as blown head gaskets & cracked cylinder heads. Remember, having your vehicle towed to a nearby auto repair shop is much more affordable than an engine replacement!


High-pitched whining or low-pitched grinding noise - A whining sound from the engine which gets louder as the vehicle accelerates may be caused by a loose belt or pulley. Bearings inside the water pump also become worn and fail over time. Damaged bearings cause a loud grinding noise.


Coolant leak - coolant is visible on the outside of the pump or on the ground beneath the vehicle.


Common Water Pump Problems

Coolant leaks are often caused by a failed seal or gasket but may also be due to cracked housing.


A worn impeller pump is not able of pumping a sufficient amount of coolant through the system.


The drive belt is either loose or too tight.


Defective or failed bearings may wear out over time or be due to a bent or unbalanced cooling fan which creates vibration and causes bearing damage.

The Water Pump is the "Heart" of the Cooling System

Water pump replacements are an essential part of auto engine cooling system maintenance. A failed water pump will quickly cause your car to overheat. *** In some vehicles the water pump is driven by the timing belt. In this case, you should have the pump replaced at the same time as the timing belt (around 60K miles in most vehicles). If the pump is not replaced and begins to leak after the belt is replaced, it will contaminate the new timing belt which will have to be replaced again. Having both components replaced at the same time also saves you money, because the majority of the labor involved in water pump replacement is already done when replacing the timing belt.

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