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Repaired vs. Rebuilt Transmissions - What is the difference, and which is best for your vehicle?

Transmission repair or transmission rebuild? Many factors play into this decision such as the type, age, mileage, and condition of your vehicle, as well as the specific problems you are experiencing. The best way to decide is to have a specialist at Auto Service Experts San Antonio transmission shop perform a complete inspection. Our ASE certified master technicians will provide you with a full report of the overall condition, as well as the condition of specific internal components. We can then discuss the best options with you, and help you make the right repair decisions for your vehicle. Just ask about our FREE transmission checks and multilevel diagnostic services!

 Mazda 3 transmission rebuild in San Antonio

AT Rebuild on 2007 Mazda 3 by ASE Certified Transmission Specialists


Regardless of whether your vehicle is in need of minor repair, or a complete custom rebuild, it is extremely important to choose the right shop. Our latest blog article discusses how to find the best transmission repair & service center in your area and provides tips on how to evaluate a mechanic or repair facility.


Rebuilt, Remanufactured, or Overhauled Transmissions

Rebuilt Transmissions are removed from the vehicle and completely custom rebuilt by a certified transmission specialist. A rebuild is also commonly referred to as an overhaul, or a reconditioned or refurbished transmission. The term "remanufactured" means essentially the same thing, except that it is rebuilt in a factory rather than a repair shop. Rebuilding is much less costly than new transmission replacement and provides "like new" performance. 


Our skilled technicians completely disassemble, thoroughly inspect and clean the transmission, and remove and replace all damaged or worn hard parts. All soft parts including seals, gaskets, bands, and clutches are also replaced before the unit is reassembled and reinstalled. More durable components such as the drums, gears, casings, and converters typically just need to be cleaned rather than replaced.


We guarantee our rebuilt transmissions to meet or exceed factory OEM standards, and back our work with the best auto repair warranty available in San Antonio. 


Transmission Components:

Transmission Soft Parts – clutch components, gaskets, valves, O-rings, seals, bands, and filters. These parts experience a lot of wear and tear and are all replaced during a rebuild.
Transmission Hard Parts – converters, pumps, shafts, drums, gears, and casing. These parts are more durable and do not have to be replaced as often.

 Certified Used Standard Transmission Replacement on Subaru

Certified Used Transmission Replacement


Transmission Repairs

In transmission repair, rather than disassembling and rebuilding it completely, only a minimal portion of the unit is fixed or replaced. Fixing a leak, or replacing a single broken component would be examples of times when a partial repair may be more cost effective or preferable to a complete overhaul.


However, components wear out at different times, and replacing or fixing only certain ones does not guarantee that other components will not fail. When considering repair vs. rebuilding, we take into account the overall condition of your transmission which is affected by several factors including maintenance and the degree to which the recommended service and fluid change schedule have been followed.


*Auto Service Experts backs its work with a complete 3 Year, 36,000 Mile Warranty on parts and labor.

Choosing a Transmission Repair Shop Near You

Complete overhaul at ASE transmission shop


See our blog for tips on how to evaluate and choose reliable local transmission shops to be sure you only trust your car or truck to the best mechanics around. Find quick ways to determine the quality and professionalism of a repair facility based on certifications, experience, reviews, business community standing, technology, equipment, & parts used, warranty coverage, and much more.

Rebuild by Our Certified Transmission Specialists

ASE Certified Transmission Mechanic Roman Oliveras performs an automatic transmission overhaul.

Transmission Rebuild: Failure Due To Overheating

A car can't run without a transmission. When a vehicle's transmission fails, the only options are to have a qualified mechanic perform either rebuild or replace it. More often than not, transmission failure is caused by damage from overheating which can be prevented with proper maintenance. The transmission relies heavily on a special oil (or transmission fluid) which not only provides hydraulic pressure to shift the gears, but also cools and lubricates the internal clutches and gears.


Over time, small particles of metal break off of the clutches and contaminate the fluid. The fluid becomes abrasive and circulates through the system wearing away at gaskets and seals creating clogs and leaks. In the event of a transmission leak, there is not enough fluid to power the shifting of gears or properly lubricate internal components. If the passageways through the system become clogged, the fluid cannot circulate as necessary leaving moving components unprotected. This causes excessive friction which leads to overheating.


If you notice a difference in the way your vehicle shifts (such as jerky or hesitant shifting), stop by Auto Service Experts for a FREE TRANSMISSION CHECK by one of our expert mechanics.

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