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Engine Head Gasket - What is it?

The engine's head gasket lies between the cylinder block and cylinder head. The cylinder block is also known as the engine block and contains the pistons and cylinders. The cylinder head is also called the engine head and encompasses the rocker arms and valves.


Blown Head Gasket Repair at Auto Service Experts San Antonio Engine Repair Shop


What is a Head Gasket's Function?

To seal the cylinder block to the cylinder head; it connects the two separate pieces of the engine.


A head gasket seals 3 chambers:

1) Combustion chamber - This chamber is where the fuel, oxygen, friction, and compression (which are responsible for powering the engine) are contained. This is the most common location for head gasket failure to occur.
2) Coolant lines - If the head gasket fails at the coolant lines, it is likely due to lack of maintenance. If your auto engine coolant is not replaced regularly, it breaks down over time and becomes corrosive. It can then eat away at internal components and cause leaks and other problems. For this reason, auto cooling system maintenance and repairs are very important in preventing head gasket failure and major engine damage. In the event of a blown head gasket in the cooling system area, pressure builds and causes damage or cracks in the radiator and leads to engine overheating.
3) Oil passages - Head gasket malfunctions and leaks in this area are usually caused by low quality or defective parts.

*** Auto Service Experts engine repair shop always uses high-quality parts to ensure they will not cause damage to other engine components, and that you will not have to return for the same job twice. We do the job right the first time.

These chambers have widely varied temperatures and pressure levels. Because it is tied to the cooling system, a blown head gasket can cause a wide variety of engine problems. By the time you notice the symptoms of head gasket failure, other internal automotive systems have likely been compromised. Simply replacing your head gasket alone will not fix your problem entirely, other types of engine repair, even a complete overhaul or rebuild may be required. This is almost always the case if the damage has caused your engine to overheat. Engine overheating can damage and warp the cylinder head, which requires additional machine work to repair.


Blown Head Gasket Repair and Inframe Kit Replacement Auto Service Experts


Symptoms of a Blown Head Gasket:

White smoke may be seen coming from the vehicle's exhaust pipe. Damage to the intake manifold gasket causes coolant to leak into the combustion chamber. As coolant is heated within the combustion chamber it releases white smoke.
Engine overheats or temperature gauge needle reaches the red zone.
Coolant Loss - Coolant may visibly leak beneath the exhaust manifold. You may also notice that large amounts of coolant are lost without any visible evidence of a leak.
Motor oil appears white and cloudy in color. Cloudy, white engine oil is caused by coolant mixing with the oil.
Bubbles within the radiator or coolant overflow tank may be noticeable.
Loss of engine power, engine skipping, or engine misfires.
Oil leaks
Cracked Radiator - Head gasket failure can allow combustion gasses to leak into the cooling system which leads to extremely high pressure & can cause the radiator to crack. Similarly, a cracked radiator causes the engine to overheat which can cause the head gasket to blow. If your car's radiator is cracked, you will probably notice steam escaping from the front of the engine.


The Cost of Head Gasket Repair:

The price of head gasket replacement or repair can vary between different mechanic shops. If calling local auto engine repair shops for price quotes, be aware that.....


Price quotes will differ greatly in several important areas:

Services included - For example, it is necessary to machine the cylinder heads when repairing a blown head gasket, however, many shops do not include this machine work in the initial quote. At Auto Service Experts, we always include machine work and rebuilding the cylinder or engine head to make sure the valves are not worn and the head is not cracked.
Parts replaced - Head gasket repair usually involves replacing other damaged components as well, ask what parts the price includes.
The Quality of parts used - Using high-quality parts is extremely important. You will not save money in the long run by opting for cheaper parts. Low-quality parts cause damage to many other engine components and often result in having to have the same repair done twice. We use high-quality parts and do the job right the first time.
The diagnostic expertise of the mechanic - Head gasket repair is commonly misdiagnosed. Diagnostic expertise allows the technician to find the exact problem, and the whole problem before recommending only the necessary repairs. An expert will not simply replace an entire system because that is where the trouble codes point. A true diagnostic expert performs an extensive investigation to see what caused the problem, and what all components were actually affected. This ensures a complete repair the first time, as well as an accurate price quote without any expensive surprises once they get your engine torn apart! Auto Service Experts San Antonio engine repair shop employs ASE Certified Master Automobile Technicians with over 20 years of experience specializing in automotive diagnostics.


The warranty provided - The warranty will depend on the quality of parts and the confidence the engine repair shop has in the skill and expertise of their mechanics. Always ask if the warranty includes parts and labor. We provide the best engine repair warranty in the industry which covers all parts and labor!


Some people may offer quick fixes or "head gasket sealers". These may sometimes provide a temporary fix, but cause damage to many internal components which rely on the head gasket being intact. If you plan on keeping your car, truck, or SUV for a while (or getting a decent resale value for it), do not choose this option.

Engine Repair Head Gasket Failure

A head gasket seals the top of the engine to the cylindar head, and when it does not function properly it can lead to major engine damage. An improperly sealed or leaking head gasket allows engine oil or coolant to mix with burning fuel inside the combustion chamber, causing excessive smoke to escape from the exhaust pipe. Head gasket failure is most commonly caused by engine overheating, therefore can often be prevented with proper cooling system maintenance.

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