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Air Conditioning

san antonio ac autorepair

Air Conditioning Service

We provide a FREE A/C inspection to our customers. Our trained technicians have the proper and up to date tools to access your A/C needs and concerns and to also accurately diagnose the problem right the first time.

Drive Train

san antonio drive train repair

Drive Train Repair

We repair and replace universal joints and drive shaft balancing.  We also repair differentials, ring and pinion replacement, and upgrade differentials gear ratios for high performance or for better gas mileage.  We install positive track units and limited slip carriers.


san antonio transmission repairTransmission Repairs

Our transmission diagnostic consists of our technicians' road testing vehicle with computer scan and troubleshooting computer codes.  We also check electrical connections to transmission, linkage, and fluid condition and level.

Fuel Injection

san antonio fuel injection

Fuel Injection Service

We provide a four part system cleaning.  From beginning to end we clean the fuel injectors, decarb the intake, remove and clean the throttle body, and lastly we add fuel treatment to your gas tank. It is recommended during tune ups to get carbon out of cylinders.

Brake System

san antonio brakerepair

Brake Repair

We use top of the line brake pads to eliminate brake dust, noise, and rotor run out. Our thorough brake checks find the resolution you are looking for.  Our job is to give you the same if not more life from our brake pads than what you had before. 


san antonio starting systems

Starting & Charging Service

Our starting and charging diagnostic starts with checking the battery amperage and voltage to the alternator.  We also check the starter and any electrical componentsto give you the proper diagnosis and recommend repair for your vehicle.

Cooling Systems

san antonio ac cooling system

Cooling System

Our cooling system service and check consists of pressure testing, computer scan, and visual check for leaks. Our technicians check your components such as radiator fans, fan clutch, and electrical connections are operating correctly. 

Diesel Engine

san antonio diesel engines

Diesel Engine Repair

We specialize in EGR delete kits, turbo repair, reprogramming Engine Computer Modules, and Fuel Injector Control Modules.  We use Mobil Delvac oil for all our diesel engines.  We also repair European and American cars equip with diesel engines.

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San Antonio Auto Repair Shop

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Our Auto Repair San Antonio Shop focuses on customer satisfaction. Our highly trained areas of expertise range from performing simple tune-ups to complicated auto repairs.  Our services are designed to catch auto repair problems before they cause major damage to your vehicle. We understand that minor auto repair parts often wear out and need to be replaced, so our specialists are trained to diligently check and monitor the lifecycle of each one of auto repair parts to prevent additional problems. We have seen all-too-many automobiles in need of costly repairs due to neglect of such meticulous auto repair prevention. 

Most auto repairs could be avoid. Fluids are the lifeblood that keep your vehicle’s moving parts lubricated. We check the level and condition of oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, anti-freeze, and transmission fluid. Our San Antonio Auto Repair shop mechanics will change any fluids needed and make sure they are at the correct level.

We also recognize the importance of auto repair maintenance, clean filters; these moderate the amount of dirt entering the system while still providing oxygen. If the air and fuel filters are dirty, the necessary volume of clean air is prevented from reaching the engine, which negatively affects the emission control systems of the car. Hose and belts transfers coolant and oil keeping all moving parts of an engine running at the specified tempeture. We inspect the age and condition of each filter, belt, and hose, to manufacturer specification. These tips will help avoiding costly auto repair.

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